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Cherry Hill Addiction Treatment Center Starts Trauma Therapy Program
Monday, February 28th 2022, 11:00 PM

Addiction Treatment Center in Cherry Hill, NJ Offers Trauma-Focused Substance Abuse Program

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Trauma has lasting effects as it can severely distort the lens through which we view ourselves and the world. Because an individual's development is disrupted by traumatic events, the stage at which they experience their trauma can change the length of the healing process. The domains impacted by trauma include attachment, physical health, emotional regulation, behavioral reactivity, cognitive issues, and self-image. In response to this emotional pain, some individuals attempt to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, resulting in a substance use disorder. According to trauma therapist Dana Barnes, LAC, NCC, CCTP of Cherry Hill addiction treatment center All In Solutions Counseling Center, proper addiction treatment treatment treatment for these individuals must also address these emotional scams Cherry Hill addiction treatment center All In Solutions Counseling Center. 

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Why is Trauma-Focused Therapy Important in Addiction Treatment?

Mental health conditions and addiction are frequently co-occurring disorders. Individuals with a mental illness are more than twice as likely to use illicit drugs than those without a mental illness, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (36.7 percent of adults with a mental illness reported using illegal drugs within the past year compared to 15.7 percent of adults without any mental illnesses.) But the relationship between these disorders goes further than just occurrence. Mental diseases like PTSD often have a positive feedback relationship with addiction, meaning that symptoms of the mental/emotional disorder increase drug and alcohol use, which exacerbates the original mental illness. 

In effect, alcohol and drug addiction emerge as a solution to the problem of PTSD in individuals who have experienced trauma. When humans share traumatic experiences, the sympathetic nervous system is activated to release stress hormones intended to increase vigilance in dangerous situations. In people with trauma-related disorders like PTSD, this system is triggered by non-threatening situations or lasts longer than it should, leading to uncomfortable mental health symptoms. While traditional addiction treatment will help these individuals stop abusing drugs and alcohol, the underlying trauma will remain unresolved. When the mental health condition symptoms "flare-up" in these cases, the risk of relapse is high. For this reason, addiction treatment programs that incorporate elements of trauma therapy are recommended for individuals who have suffered traumatic events. 


Why Trauma Therapy is Especially Important for Parents

New Jersey therapist Dana Barnes says that the importance of trauma therapy is even greater for parents who are survivors of childhood trauma as their own PTSD can impact their relationship with their children. 

"For a parent who has been exposed to traumatic stress during their childhood, this can cause lasting disruptions related to an attachment that disrupts relationship formation. Attachment is the emotional bond between a child and the caregiver. It is vital to develop a healthy understanding of relationships, safety, trust, and communication and, when disrupted, causes challenges in forming relationships. 

Being a new parent is an exciting milestone in one’s life. However, a history of trauma can quickly change fear or anxiety. The concept of modeling healthy and secure relationships can be overwhelming, as many survivors still face challenges in sustaining their healthy relationships. The new role of being a parent can trigger the past, which is why it is essential to identify this. Doing your work to identify your triggers can help create coping strategies to work through this.

A big part of healing is learning your attachment style. By identifying your type, you can improve your awareness of your thoughts or feelings that may come up. This will take time, and I would recommend having a therapist assist you to better process how the past still interferes in present-day relationships. By understanding our attachment style, we strengthen our relationships to understand better our fears or inabilities in creating connections. Being a new parent can already be such an overwhelming experience, so this is where having compassion for yourself is vital. You are working to develop a bond with your child and heal wounds from your childhood. Awareness of your attachment style is the beginning of a healing process and provides hope that you will be that healthy role model that you so desperately yearned for in your childhood. Moving towards secure attachment, which consists of being the protector for your child, and them knowing that you will consistently show up to them to provide comfort, can be the catalyst for change."

-- Dana Barnes, LAC, NCC, CCTP

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Cherry Hill Addiction Treatment and Trauma Therapy Program 

All In Solutions Counseling Center, Cherry Hill’s trauma therapy program allows clients to reach their full potential by addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. Trauma therapist, Dana Barnes, LAC, NCC, CCTP understands the sensitivity required when dealing with painful past experiences. Clients are empowered to face the darkness that has shaped their lives in an unconditionally supportive and compassionate environment. True freedom and inner peace are only attainable by overcoming these obstacles. 

Cognitive processing and narrative therapy are combined to bring about mindfulness and alleviate PTSD symptoms. By developing an awareness of one’s emotions, thoughts, sensory information, and physiological responses, clients awaken to their power over the events that have impacted them. In addition, clients participate in individual, and group therapy focused on recovery from addiction. Individualized treatment plans allow clients to choose other holistic treatment methods, including Reiki, yoga, and art therapy, to incorporate into their recovery. For more information on their inpatient and outpatient drug rehab programs in New Jersey, contact All In Solutions Counseling Center Cherry Hill today.

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